General conditions

Clear to understand terms of our service

1. Use of the website
2. Delivery of Eancodes and ownership
3. Responsibility
4. Protection service
5. Refunds and cancelations
6. Support

1. Use of the website.

Your account at is created by one of the official resellers. The account information is provided by yourself when placing an order at the official reseller webshop, the personal information such as name, address, tax Id can be changed yourself from within the application. It’s impossible to change the email address since the Eancodes purchased are linked to the email. In case a wrong email address is used at the official reseller webshop we cannot change this for you as the Eancodes are linked to the email address.

2. Delivery of Eancodes.

In your personal account you can download the Eancodes. The following formats will be provided to you: TXT, CSV and a ZIP file. The TXT and CSV file contain the amount of Eancodes you bought at the reseller webshop, the ZIP file contains the barcodes of these Eancodes in .PNG format.

3. Responsibility. cannot be held responsible for any damage you might encounter while using our Eancodes or protection service.

4. Protection service

The protection service is optional to take and can be cancelled at any time, by using our protection service we will register your account information to the Eancodes bought in our database. The protection of your Eancodes is not guaranteed as it depends on the platform you sell on if our protection service is valid there, some platforms only work with GS1. You can always see the status of your protection at:

5. Refunds and cancelations

Due the nature of Eancodes which are digital goods we will not issue a refund if the Eancodes have already been downloaded from, if the Eancodes have not been downloaded yet you have 14 days to cancel the order and get a full refund. In case your Eancodes do not work at the platform we ask for screenshots from the official support department saying the Eancodes are not valid. If the screenshots are approved we will sent you new Eancodes for you to try, in case these also do not work (screenshots needed again) we will issue a full refund. If you wish to cancel the protection service you can do so at any time, the protection service will be cancelled within 48 hours from your request. As soon as we process your request you no longer have protection on your Eancodes and we will not issue a refund for the remaining time of your protection service. We suggest if you wish to cancel to do this near the end of your billing date.


We only have ticket support and no phone support. To get in touch use the contact form of the official reseller website, this will create a ticket which we will respond to within 48 hours, in rare cases it can take up to 7 days to get a reply.

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